Why I Started Blogging

People utilize platforms such as blogs, vlogs, YouTube channels and social media accounts for various reasons. Some do it for the creative outlet while others may do it for the monetization of their content. I choose to start my blog for a few different reasons.

The first reason I decided to start a blog was to restore some of the creativity I have lost as I’ve grown up. I was searching for a way to push myself to learn new things, motivate myself to experience new things and also have a way to document and express them.

Another reason I began my blog was to challenge myself to learn something new. There is a lot more to blogging than typing up a few paragraphs consistently. Not only do you need to come up with topic ideas and have thoughts on said topic in order to properly execute the blog post itself, but you also need to learn how to create a web domain, establish web hosting, create the blog layout and features, begin to understand different plug-ins, add-ons, and how to get your site up and running properly, understanding copyright, creating thumbnails and other visual aids to improve the reader’s time on the blog… the opportunity to learn and get better is never ending. And if you want to monetize your blog, there is a whole new world of things to learn such as SEO, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, ect.

And lastly, what better way to make money than from your home doing something you enjoy? I do not have the highest of expectations for my own blog as I am far from an expert in any particular area… but I am hoping I can begin to create valuable content to some dynamic of individuals. My dream would be to make it possible for me to spend much more time focusing on my blog, it’s content and it’s quality and at least earn a partial living doing so. The idea of getting to research, practice and experience topics you love on a daily basis, keep a record of them, AND get paid for it!? That sounds great to me.

Where do I want to go from here?

I initially started this blog back in March with no real direction. The goal was just to upload anything and everything that came to my mind. Now, however, I think I have narrowed down the topics I’d like to focus on. I’m looking at redirecting my blog toward two specific niches: fitness & travel. As I get the means to make those things more and more of a focus in my life, I plan to redirect my blog’s focus to reflect that.

Looking forward to many more. ☺

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