5 Mandela Effects That Opened My Mind

At a glance, the idea of parallel universes or time travel seem pretty far-fetched, I will admit that. But it is interesting to consider the possibility that other universes may in fact exist, that we exist in another place, and that our lives are playing out a bit differently somewhere else at this very moment.

Even more interesting is the idea of these paths intertwining, which, in theory, is one of the two most popular ideas for why the Mandela Effect occurs. The other theory suggests that time travel is possible. Have you heard of the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect is the idea that any one change in our past would completely alter the entire future of those both directly and indirectly related to the incident or change that took place. If time travel were possible, maybe someone went back in time, did something differently, and changed the way our current reality if perceived and that is why large masses of people are having memories of things or experiences that are not in fact what they thought they were – this is the Mandela Effect.

Below are 5 of the Mandela Effect’s that really blow my mind.

The Berenst_in Bears

The first one I’ll list is one of the more popular examples. Most of us have heard of the Berenstein Bears. I personally loved the books as a kid. Many people remember it spelt as Berenstein Bears. Is this what you remember? Why don’t you take a second to google this title. Any book or movie you can purchase reads, Berenstain Bears.

Curious George

Do you remember the children’s cartoon, Curious George? Do you remember George (the little monkey) swinging from tree to tree by his tail? Think again… Curious George is a tailless monkey…

Mister Roger’s Theme Song

The phrase, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” stemmed from the old children’s show, Mister Roger’s. It is a line taken out of the theme song for the show. However, if you re-listen to this introduction, you’ll notice he is saying “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.


Am I the only one that remembers this household cleaner being spelled with four E’s?? When you search Febreeze in Google, it is changed to Febreze and there are no pictures that labeled the cleaner with the spelling I remember.

Mona Lisa

The most interesting, and creepy, example that I have found is the example of the Mona Lisa painting. How do you remember the Mona Lisa? I, and apparently several other people, remember the Mona Lisa as a painting of a woman staring blankly and emotionlessly to those viewing her. If you had a similar memory of it to me, take another look at photos online. It appears as if she is now smiling in the painting…

There are tons of different examples that exist of groups of individuals remembering the same situations in completely different ways than what is now construed as our reality. Whether there is a logical explanation or not, I can’t help but wonder about what other possibilities may exist.

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