More Productive Ways to Entertain Yourself

I grew up in and around small towns where all there seemed to be to do for entertainment was smoke, drink, or get into other forms of trouble just to get a little entertainment.

Now that I have matured a bit and put some serious time toward a little self-discovery, I have learned that there is actually more to life than not remembering it… who would have thought?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against having some drinks now and then. But I have finally come to realize, and actually appreciate the fact that there is so much more to life.

If you, too, live in a place where it seems there’s nothing to do but tip some back, let me share some ideas with you that might expand your scope of hobbies.

  1. Play a BOARD game! No phone, no computer, no Xbox, no PlayStation. A good ol’ fashioned board game. There is something timeless about getting to monopolize the board, jump a chess piece, or slam on that trouble bubble.
  2. Put together a puzzle. I know how grandma this sounds but I have no shame in admitting it is something that actually stimulates my brain and gives me a finished product to look at. It’s a great way to spend time that isn’t staring at a screen.
  3. Read a book! Never underestimate the power of reading. It makes you smarter, opens your perspectives, gets you thinking, and takes you away from this world and puts you into another place – while you’re completely sober.
  4. Go for a walk. I forgot about one of the most simple but pleasurable gifts of life for several years… the freedom to walk around and enjoy the beautiful planet we live on. Having a car and a license is great. But nothing can take the place of a long walk in some fresh air. It’s even better if you have a pet you can share it with.
  5. Why stick to walking on level terrain when you can spice it up and go for a hike!? Some of the most beautiful places to see are the ones that take a bit more effort and endurance. Find places in your area that are full of nature and open to the public. Go explore somewhere you’ve never been.
  6. Exercise! Trust me – I never thought I’d find exercise to be fun but I found a form of exercise that I actually like and it makes the world of a difference. For me, I’m excited about weight training. For others, maybe finding a sport or a league to join or some sort of dance team or self-defense class may be more fitting. One way or the other, there’s a form of exercise that can work for most.
  7. Take up a craft. There are so many different outlets as far as crafts go and they are rewarding hobbies to have because they end in a finished product. Often times you can even sell your product for a profit if that’s something you are interested in. Quilting, painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, pottery, jewelry making, furniture building, photography, graphic design, ect. The options are limitless.
  8. Take a class. Learn something new. This choice does cost some money but may be well worth it. You could find a new hobby or expand your career path by learning new things. Karate classes, art classes, dance classes, beauty classes, liberal arts classes… more limitless choices!

My point is simply that it’s fun to have some drinks once in a while. But it’s not fun to let your life become an endless loop of partying. Life is short and there is a lot it has to offer with only a limited time to enjoy it. I’m not saying you need to travel the world and have thousands of dollars to enjoy life. The topics mentioned above are all things a person can do on a budget to better themselves as human beings and stay entertained in the process.

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